14 Bible Verses About Relationships That Will Make Yours Even Stronger


If someone were to ask you if you were letting God guide your relationship , what would you say? Would you smile and avoid answering? Or, would you be able to say you have surrendered your relationship to God? Do you even know how to have a godly relationship? A godly relationship is one in which God is in control. Your finances, spiritual life, sexual and physical health are submitted to God. Financial: What do you spend money on? God blesses us so we can share with others, including the widows and the orphans James

Six Ways to Prepare Young Christians for Dating

It is time for Christians to start talking about dating. The trajectory of lives and eternities are in the balance. Yes, I am. This issue shapes our young people, friends, and family more than we could ever imagine. We have been passive too long. Establishing principles for Christian dating will set men and women on a course towards Christ-centered marriages.

Here are 3 wise steps whenever you start having feelings for someone. God said to go for it, but a month passed by and now she is dating.

Signing up agrees to our terms of use. Very few things feel like the blissful months that accompany a new dating relationship. The magic of the natural chemistry that makes this attraction possible makes millions of dollars at the box office, billions via dating apps as people pursue it and even has its own celebratory holiday in February.

Actually, the infatuation stage at the beginning of a dating relationship is very similar to the brain chemistry in drug users. According to Psychology Today , there are striking similarities between the brain state of someone in the beginning infatuation stage of a new relationship and someone smoking crack cocaine. Like crack cocaine, falling for a new love interest releases massive amounts of dopamine and norepinephrine that induce the same euphoric effects. Sound familiar? How do we discern between chemically fueled infatuation and Christ-centered love?

While I would like nothing more than for you to have found your God-given match, I implore you to proceed with caution.

3 Steps to Take When You Like Someone

Originally printed in ZNews , the youth magazine published by Zerubbabel Press, we feel this will benefit readers of all ages. Perhaps one of the most difficult areas to sort out in our Christian lives is relationships. We know God put us on the earth to relate to one another. In all our relationships, whether with family members, friends, classmates, or otherwise, God has a common standard for us.

His standard is that we express the self-giving love of Jesus Christ in us and as us. And does the same hold true for those relationships that young adults have a particular interest in—dating relationships?

Is the person you are dating really the best choice? Or are you settling for less than God has for you?

The following is a guest post by Michaela. I remember those days. I remember the excitement and nerves and butterflies that assailed me every time he walked in the room. I remember the nervous feelings I got whenever he talked to me or I talked to him. Is this the one? Yes, many of us have had this happen to us. And many of us let these romantic thoughts and feelings practically rule our lives. But some of us are experiencing all this for the first time and have no idea what to do with all the emotions and craziness going on inside of us.

To be honest, some of us who have experienced all this before still have no idea how to handle it all. No matter which category you fall into, I got you, girl! Having a crush on a guy is fun and exciting, but it can also be very hard and scary. Our culture tells us to let go and wear our hearts on our sleeves, to fall hopelessly in and out of love, regardless of the consequences.

Letting God Guide Your Relationship: 7 Godly Dating Principles

We think of being in love, finding “the one,” as a step-by-step process. At the first step we’re alone and by the end we’re not. We don’t always stop to think about the fact of living through this process. Looking at the happiness of other couples, it’s easy to assume that they are always sure of themselves, always happy, and never experience any doubts about their choices, but nothing could be further from the truth. You will experience doubts and insecurities in even the healthiest relationship.

The most important thing is not to avoid these feelings, but to accept them and deal with them well.

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There seems to be a shortage of eligible dates in both your church and at your workplace. Even though our friends mean well, their advice could point us towards self-centeredness rather than Christ-centeredness. The best way to tell is to evaluate what we hear with what the Word says about love. Butterflies in your stomach, sweaty palms. Instead, we are given the freedom to decide whom to marry, but through the Bible, prayer and the help of our community, He gives us the wisdom we need in discerning whether someone would make a good potential life partner James Your date makes you just so incredibly happy.

You feel unsure if you should call it quits at this stage.

Christian Dating: 7 Signs You Stepped Out of God’s Will

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These nine dating tips for Christian women will help you handle your relationship with a non “Certainly you might find yourself having all sorts of feelings.

What does it take to begin a relationship with God? Do you need to devote yourself to unselfish religious deeds? Must you become a better person so that God will accept you? Learn how you can know God personally. Everyone has their own spiritual journey with the Lord. How can we help you move forward in yours today? Take the next step in your faith journey with devotionals and other resources for spiritual growth. If you were created for community, why can relationships — family, dating, co-workers, neighbors — be so hard?

Explore resources to help you live out your life and relationships in a way that honors God. Sharing your faith is one of our most important callings as followers of Christ. Learn to develop your skills, desire and ability to join others on their spiritual journeys and take them closer to Jesus. Because ethnicity is part of the good of creation, we seek to honor and celebrate the ethnic identity of those with whom we serve as well as those we seek to reach.

This means you should initiate the conversation very early in the relationship. You should also be in a position of knowing what type of physical contact is appropriate and what is not.

4 Ways to Handle a Crush

If you are a Christian single girl or guy, what should you do when you like someone? What are some good Christian dating tips when you just start having feelings for someone but nothing more has happened? Should you immediately tell this person that you like him or her? Should you just wait and pray for God to reveal his plan while you do nothing?

Dealing With Doubts – – Read about Christian dating and get advice, help The first step is to be willing to acknowledge that feelings of doubt are seems to be one of God’s ways of smoothing these rough edges over, and.

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Should A Christian Date A Non-Christian?

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